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Collaborate with Gametize

Transform your content with us!

Become a Content Collaborator

Become a Content Collaborator with us to transform your exceptional content into a one-of-a-kind Gametize experience, and use our Platform to reach and motivate your target audience.

Who we've collaborate with?

Gametize is an extremely lean and mean company operating out of sunny Singapore, but we have a network of Content collaborators globally with different specialties and expertise that complement well with Gametize Platform.

If you would like to join our growing directory of authorized Gametize Content Collaborator Program that can value to the Gametize Platform, feel free to reach out to
Gametize Gourmet Grammar.jpg

Gourmet Grammar

Improve your English grammar through a fun, learning experience. Compete with others and get to the top of the leaderboard!

Gametize Get Smart.jpg

GetSmart English

Learn English the smart way with Get Smart: English!

Gametize Aon Launcher.jpg

Aon Insights Series

Welcome to the Aon Insights Series 2018: The Agile HR in the Age of Disruption conference app.

Gametize The Charisma Game.jpg

The Charisma Game

Want to be more attractive in public, and charm the people around you? Unlock your charisma with this game! [Credits to Eric Feng]

Gametize Tec Launcher.jpg

Talent Ecosystem Connect

Join Talent Ecosystem Connect to network and learn with us!

Gametize Healthy Game.jpg

The Healthy Game

Come onto a journey of learning more about your body, health facts, and good habits. [Credits to Dr Elaine Chua]


Why collaborate with us?

Opportunities for co-branding

You’ll have opportunities for your brand to appear on our materials and featured content.

Be part of our community

You'll become a part of an innovative community that transforms the way we work and play. Learn from each other, share insights, and grow with us.

Complimentary training

You’ll receive complimentary training from our team to learn to use the Gametize Platform to build your gamification strategies.

Access to premium content

Be the first to gain access to our exclusive resources and features, including white-labelled content, workshops, and education that will help increase your outreach.

Who's a good fit?

If you are a subject matter expert and content creator with lots of ideas on how to gamify what you have, you're a good fit to become one of our Content Collaborators.

Our Content Collaborator Program offers revenue-sharing opportunities together with access to our clients and Platform.


How do I become a Content Collaborator?
What are the benefits of being a Content Collaborator?
What are the different ways I can work with Gametize?
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Become a Content Collaborator

Let's work together too, let us know how!

... and a Gametize representative will get in touch.
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