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Employee Onboarding

Gamifying your onboarding gives new experiences to your new employees.

It may not be easy the first time, but it is well worth it to seamlessly assimilate your new employees to the company, which can boost morale and motivate your employees for their upcoming work in your company.


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Nina Salicas,

Group HR Executive, Worx Group of Companies

"We are really happy to have gotten the chance to discover and utilize this app. More power to Gametize!"


See how Gametize gamifies their employee onboarding experience – "The Onboarding Mision"

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Everyone has their own pace when it comes to learning, making asynchronous learning ideal. “The Gametize Onboarding Mission” achieves this, as new employees are able to onboard at their own pace and complete their onboarding in their own time.

Engage your new hires from day one

Immerse your new hires in an interactive onboarding journey that captures their attention from the moment they join your organization. Gametize enables you to introduce company policies, product knowledge, and team introductions in a fun and memorable way, ensuring that your employees feel connected and empowered right from the start.

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Customization and branding

We understand the importance of aligning your virtual onboarding with your brand and organizational culture. With Gametize, you have the flexibility to customize the look and feel of your onboarding project to match your branding guidelines. From colors and logos to language and tone, you can ensure that your onboarding experience reflects your organization's identity.

Measure success with data-driven insights

Tracking the effectiveness of your onboarding program is essential for continuous improvement. We equip you with valuable analytics and insights, providing you with real-time data on engagement levels, completion rates, and user feedback.

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